Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

This year the munchkins made it easy on me and I only had to create one costume!  Woody went for a Dinosaur costume.  The hardest part . . . finding a plain red zip front hoodie.  Who knew?  In the end we found a girls one at D.I. and I unstitched the wording across the front of it.

Next up was to attach the spikes.  They were cut out of felt and sewn along the back.  I roughly followed this tutorial here .   I did however do the whole thing on my sewing machine. Time was an issue for some odd reason this month!

For the dinosaur tail I had seen the pattern on Running With Scissors a while ago and knew I wanted to make one.  You can see the tutorial here .  Halloween presented the PERFECT opportunity.  The only change I made was to increase the tail length.  I think it ended up being 29inches.

The hat that inspired the entire project was in the $1 bin at Michael’s.

There you have it.  Hope y’all have a Wonderful Halloween!

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One Response to Happy Halloween!

  1. Looks great! Love the longer dino tail, and the fun visor hat!

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