Woody has a Birthday!

Recently we celebrated Woody’s Birthday!  He started his day off with another one of our Traditions he got to use the My Special Day chair cover:

and eat using the You are Special Plate.

As a kid growing up my family had one of these.  Once I got married and had a family of my own my parents gave us one for Christmas so we could continue the tradition.  The kids love using it on there Birthday and other important days in their lives.

This year for cakes I decided they would be a surprise.  (a.k.a. Mom got to pick the design) this was KILLING them! 🙂

For Woody’s cake I settled with the excavator.  The original design I followed came from Family Fun.  You can see there post about it here.  It is one of the simplest cakes I have done!

I made a few modifications some due to making it a peanut free and some just for the fun of it. 🙂


  • 2 yellow cake mixes (this will yield 1 loaf, 2 mini loaf’s and 12 cupcakes depending on the size of your pans)
  • 1 1/2 batches of  frosting
  • 4 chocolate covered doughnuts
  • candy for hubcaps, lights and truck parts (I used tootsie rolls, Dots, jelly bellies and Twizzlers.
  • 1 twinkie

1.)  First up bake 1 loaf cake and 2 mini loaf’s and hey throw in 12 cupcakes too for friends!

2.) Color all but @2/3 cup icing yellow.  To get my color I mixed Golden Yellow, Orange and Buttercup yellow.

3.) Tint the remaining 2/3 cup frosting a light brown or tan color.

4.)Place loaf cake on cake plate.  Then place mini loaf on top.  If neccesary trim edges to fit sides of cake.

5.) Cover with yellow frosting (Side note this is a GREAT place to stop if you simply want to make a truck cake!)

6.)  Take 2nd mini loaf pan and trim it down a little to be the scooper in the front of the truck.  Cover it with yellow icing as well.

7.) Use the light brown/tan icing to pipe windows all around the cab of the tuck.  Use the tan to pipe the front of the loader as well.

8.)  With excess frosting add in a couple of good sized spoonfuls of cocoa powder to make it chocolate icing and give it a nice dark color.  Add a little black icing coloring if you want it a little darker.

9.)  Pipe along the edges of the windows.

10.)  Place wheels on the side of the cake (If I were doing it again I would look for larger doughnuts  ~ however this was the size I could find that were peanut free!)


11.) Insert candy for hubcaps

12.) Place candy for front and tail lights on truck, and the top of the cab.

13.) Use the tootsie rolls (or candy of your choice) for the bars to attache the front loader to the car.

14.) Slide skewers into 4 yellow twizzlers

15.) cut twinkie in 1/2 and frost yellow.

16.) Arrange Twizzlers to form the arm for the backhoe scoop.  Place candy on the back hoe for the teeth.

18.)  Crush up 1 sleeve of chocolate cookies to create dirt and spread it around the truck.

17.)  Now sit back and admire your hard work 🙂



Somewhat Simple    


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