ARRRR Matey’s ~ FHE style

Wahoo we are finally back on a hopeful schedule!

First off I just want to say my MOM is AMAZING!  My next several projects will mostly be featuring things we did at our reunion this summer.  My mom gets all the credit.  She is an amazing planner and organizer.  I was just along to help pull things together.

Each day of the reunion mom had planned a different theme.  Today I am going to feature Pirate day (please don’t groan I know it has been a theme here but the munchkins ADORE it!)  This was perfect for the reunion but it would also make a fabulous Family Home Evening idea!

First up the kids played a super fun game called Tick Tock find the crock!


  • Ticking Timer

To Play:

  1. Have all the Pirates hide their eyes.
  2. Turn the timer on and hide it somewhere in the room.
  3. Turn the Pirates loose they need to find the ticking clock before it goes off!

Next up we had a good ol’ Family Treasure hunt.  My parents came up with the clues and each individual family unit went on their own hunt!

At the end each Grandkid recieved their own treasure chest filled with Loot!

I am missing a picture but part of what was in them was gold coins.  Who knew you could make your own!  I had to come up with a nut free version so I found a chocolate mold and then bought small gold foil papers to cover each one in.

After the treasure hunt my mom gathered us together and told us that while the treasure we had just gotten was fun she had something that was worth a lot more.  Her treasure was her family.   We then went inside where she had created a big family tree poster with papers marking where pictures and information would be placed on it.

Our first task was to match the baby picture to the grown up (or child as big as they currently were)

Then we had to figure out where everyone went on the Family Tree.

The extra fun thing we did was that my SIL taught us the song “I have a Family Tree”

I have a family tree
with branches by the dozens
I have grandpa’s I have grandma
I have uncles, aunts and cousin’s

When its reunion time
No matter what what the weather.
It is such a happy day
When the family gets together.

If you want to hear this tune go HERE

The kids (young and old) all seemed to love this activity!

I loved the great reminder of how important our roots and families are.  Plus a week later Woody still remembered what Grandma’s real treasure was!


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