Guest Post ~ Suzy!

Today’s Post is coming to you from one of my SIL ~ Suzy.  She is an English Major at a local university and dabbles in writing, baking and crafting in her spare time.  If you want to know more click HERE  to see her blog.

Many moons ago Suzy came over to show us how to create her fun new cake.
(Plus we happened to have a great supply of fresh raspberries in the backyard).

Once upon a time, I had this brilliant idea to make an AMAZING cake…well, actually, it was a tweak on a cake I’d already done. I LOVE fresh raspberries. I think they are the most delicious things when added to ice cream or a yummy cake.

            This is actually a great cake to make because it really isn’t that hard! The original recipe was rather time-consuming. It was originally done with strawberries, but we made it with raspberries instead, obviously.

Step 1:  So the first thing to do is to bake the cake! We used an 8 inch round cake pan and then cut it into 3 layers.

Step 2: Make the whipped cream frosting. We took 3 cups of heavy whipping cream and whipped it to soft peaks. Then added a teaspoon vanilla as well as 1/3 cup powdered sugar and continued whipping until heavy peaks formed. It will make a light, but sturdy frosting.

Step 3: Add the filling! I took a larger star tip and put some of the frosting in a bag and piped around the edge of the first layer to hold in the different fillings! We went with a lemon mousse, vanilla pudding, and then whole raspberries. Added the next cake layer and piped more frosting and then filled with the same fillings. Then, once the third layer

Step 4: Once the fillings are all in, take the frosting and frost the rest of  it. Don’t worry about a super perfect and pretty job, as no one will actually see it!

Step 5: Once the cake is frosted, you take your pirouette cookies and break them in varying lengths, and stand them up all around the cake. Once you are finished going around them, I recommend tying a ribbon around them to hold them together until you are ready to serve the cake.

Step 6: Raspberry Time! We took fresh raspberries and lined them up with the pointy tips

 then we came to a discussion here.

I LOVE chocolate and thought it would be AMAZING to drizzle chocolate over the top of the raspberries on top. I liked the effect it had on the raspberries. It made them darker and more delicious!

Stop 7: Enjoy!!!


This cake looks absolutely amazing and super delicious!

There you have it!  It was delicious!

  As alluded some of us were raspberry purists and would have left the chocolate out.
It did look cool . . . but for me there is nothing better than a fresh ripe untainted non-chocolate raspberry.  (  Sorry Suz 🙂  )

So sound off .   .   . 

To chocolate or not to chocolate?

Leave us some comment love!

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