Wiggle Worms!

I recently received a new calling in our church to be a music leader for the children.  I am feeling WAY out of my comfort zone!  So I have spent a bit of time scouring the internet for idea’s and helps!  When I found this Wiggle Worm idea here.  I knew I had to do it!

My husband helped me put together (great Saturday night date huh) 🙂


  • Various size and colors of pom poms
  • Various sizes of googly eyes
  • hot glue gun
  • Various scraps of cardstock
  • Packaging tape

To make the wiggle worms.  I glued various eyes and noses to a large pom pom

Then  we wrote down songs on pieces of cardstock.  I chose songs that were action songs or ones I knew the kids loved to sing.  When writing down the songs don’t forget to leave a space to glue the head of the wiggle worm on to one end.  I also included the page numbers for the songs which has been VERY helpful!

Next we “laminated” the songs by placing them on pieces of packaging tape.  Then folding the tape over to seal the edges.

Now glue the head to the paper and accordion fold the paper.

For the final step I gave my Wiggle worms a home.   I washed out a miracle whip jar and created a Wiggle Worm label on my computer.

There you have it!  Now when it is singing time or if the kids need a break I pull out my Wiggle Worm jar.  I let the kids wiggle in there seats for about 30 seconds or so and then choose my wiggliest worms to come choose a worm out of my jar.  Then we sing that song.  I usually do this a couple of times.  ( I also have a spreadsheet I am keeping track of which wiggle worms I choose to try to give them all a chance shhhh don’t tell the kids!)

Here the songs I currently have in our jar:

  • My Hands p 273
  • Follow the Prophet p 110
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees and toes p 275
  • Daddy’s Homecoming p 210
  • Book of Mormon Stories p 118
  • Do as I’m doing p 276
  • If You’re Happy p 266
  • I wiggle p 271
  • Popcorn popping p 243
  • The Wiseman and the Foolish man
  • A happy Family p 198
  • Once there was a snowman p 249
  • Fun to Do p 253
  • Smiles p 267
  • Two Happy Feet p 270
  • Hinges p 277
  • Oh How We Love to Stand p 279
  • In the Leafy Treetops p 240

Do you have a favorite Primary Song from when you were a kid?  Or a great Primary song activity you remember.  Please share!

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