Birthday Blast!

This week we celebrated Thumper’s 1st Birthday!

I chose a space theme for his Birthday and started thinking up grandiose ideas for his cake.

  Along the way I quickly learned that I am not a rocket scientist!  The base of the cake was going to be super cool with rocket boosters and the works!

However even with dowels for supports  it just couldn’t go the distance.

Mid construction the cake first began to crumble.  So I quickly added an extra layer of frosting hoping to build some sort of sustaining wall.

Unfortunately before I could even put the nose cap on the rocket boosters began to sag.  We began to have the leaning tower of Pisa rather than a rocket.  Long story short the boosters had to go.

THEN the bottom layer of cake began to crumble because the original cake base was a tad to small.  So away it went too.
(In my frustration I also forgot at this point that I had been taking pictures of things )

The final thing to go was the mini matching rocket.  In its place a planet with white clouds.  It works right?  We needed somewhere to place the candle!

In the end this is what we wound up with:

All in all despite life happening I still managed to have Thumper’s face  looking out the window the cake was good and Thumper appeared to have a good time at his party.

One of the highlights for Thumper  ~ ~  pin the space ship on the moon!  It trumped opening presents even!

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