Pirate know how part 4

The conclusion of Pirate day Pirate Pops!

I found this terrific idea here at a great party website!


  • 1 batch Rice Krispie Treats
  • 1 egg shaped cookie cutter
  • PAM or some type of cooking spray
  • Sucker sticks
  • 1 tube Red Frosting
  • 1 tube Black Frosting
  • White circle decorating candies

1.) Make Rice Krispie treat mixture

2.)Spray an egg shaped cookie cutter really well with PAM or cooking Spray.

3.) Scoop mixture into mold and press down.


4.)  Slide cookie cutter off and carefully insert sucker stick into the narrow end


5.)  Allow to cool completely and set up

6.)  Using a decorator tip Pipe a slanted line across top part of head then fill in with Frosting for cap.  Add 2 little tails and a dot on top for the cap tie.

7.)  Using black frosting pipe an eye, eye patch and string and mouth.

8.)  Place white candies on red cap to decorate

9.)  Eat and enjoy!

There you have it now you are all set to host your own Fabulous Pirate Day adventure!


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