Pirate know how part 1

These Pirate tutorials/info from our Fabulous Friday Pirate Day could take awhile! You’ve been warned!

First up to be a proper Pirate ye must look like a Pirate!  If this is the look you want:

Here is how you get it!

To make the Pirate Vests I followed the tutorial here from DANA made it.  I found the trim at the fabric store where it was pretty slim pickings!  For the youngest Pirate I traced one of his shirts folded in half and shaped it similar to the other pattern.  I did forget to add for seam allowances so it was a bit snug!

Every good Pirate needs one of these too:

To make your hook you need to gather the following:

  • Black Duct tape
  • tin foil
  • plastic cup

1.)  Poke a hole in the top of your plastic cup.

2.) Roll up a piece of tinfoil and form into a hook

3.) Insert tinfoil hook into cup

4.)  Secure hook inside of cup with a piece of tape

5.) Wrap Duct tape around cup securing the hook in place and fully covering the hook

6.) Voila it’s time to PLAY!

The second Pirate accessory we needed was a spy glass!

We simply painted a paper towel roll

Once it was dried we wrapped a piece of Duct tape around it

There you have it now you are ready to look like a Pirate!

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