Got ice cream?

Did you know that it is National Ice Cream month?  Me neither!

However, It is!

With the 3rd Sunday of the month being designated as National Ice Cream day to be exact.

That being said I think we need to make some ice cream!  So I am calling out to the handful of people who check this little ol blog to say “LET’S MAKE SOME ICE CREAM!”

Over the weekend the munchkins, husband and I plus one SIL busted out our Christmas present from last year and made some ice cream.

The flavor voted on was vanilla with frozen raspberries mixed in.  The chef -Purplicous –  at the last moment decided to toss in a handful of mini chocolate chips too.  It was delicious!  I wish I had a sweet picture to show you however I was too busy eating it up!

So now to the point.  I’m thinking we need to make another batch in honor of National Ice Cream month.  If anyone who knows me is interested (and lives close by) Give me a shout out and come on over.  I’m thinking Friday however, we can be flexible.  Possible flavors are mint chocolate chip or perhaps cookie dough?

Be prepared to bring all the muscle and patience you can muster.  This contraption looks small and light however it is deceiving!  I have a bruise on my shin to prove it!(OK that might be a small exaggeration but it did hurt!)  Plus one Mr. Woody who thought the process was a bit too LONG!

Remember though the results are worth it for batch of fresh turned ice cream and about 45 minutes of fun family time.

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