At the beginning of the summer we started a reading chart.  It was inspired by an Enrichment meeting I went to.  Ours is nothing fancy it looks like this:

Here’s how it works:

Pinkalicious has to read her own books for it to count.  Woody can only count a book once.  He also only gets to pick his book out some of the time.  Mom and Dad get to do a lot of the choosing.  (In an effort to broaden his horizon’s).  While we like this book:

I am hoping to introduce him to a few new terrific books as well!

Mom and Dad count as a team as you can tell so far we are FAR behind the kids. 

Along the way on our chart we have numbers marked off for the kids to earn prizes.  We started off simple with a small treat.  The final prize if they complete the entire chart is a coupon to pick out a book from the first book order that comes home next school year.

In addition to reading our chart has a few other skills I would like the munchkins to work on this summer.  Both munchkins have handwriting of some sort or the other.  Woody also has simple flashcards so far mostly colors and shapes with a few letters here and there.

When the munchkins complain they are bored I simply tell them to go do something off the chart.  So far we really haven’t had much boredom.  We also may or may not have been home!

Another FYI if you haven’t already heard you can find summer reading programs here too:


We especially love the one at Borders because even Woody can participate and count books we read to him!  Both stores are giving out a free book for completion of their form.  Just go to their websites to get more information

Well if you made it to the end of this BIG ol post congratulations! 

Does anyone have any great book suggestions?

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2 Responses to Reading

  1. Soozee Carmichael says:

    I have a couple of easy reads for ya. I have a few Alex Flinn books that are pretty entertaining. I like her fairy tale books best, a new twist on an old story. Also, do manuscripts count? Because I’ve got one of those if you want to take a gander 😉

    • jpetersenfam says:

      Thanks Soozee! I will have to look into Alex Flinn I don’t think I have heard fo him before. I also think that manuscripts count 4 sure!

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