Fabulous Friday

Admittedly this is a weak Fabulous Friday.  I had cool ideas but life happened and simplification became supreme!

Gardening has been our project as of late. Plants, trees & flowers.

Our book connection is this:

Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens.   This a fun book about gardening and a deal made between a rabbit and a bear.  A fantastic book to have the munchkins guess what will happen next.  The book also provided a great  way to get the discussion going about what to plant in our garden this year.

The first project was to take out the old strawberry bed and make a new BIGGER one!  I had some pretty hard workers helping out with this one!

They might have had a minor snack break right when mom came out take the photo-op

This week their hard work paid off.  Our first Strawberry is RIPE!

The munchkins also helped plant our garden: tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini and egg-plant.  Pumpkins and carrots soon to be planted!  (We ran out of room to plant anything else this year!)

Now the munchkins are anxiously checking the plants each day for changes.  Watching for the raspberries to ripen and the blossoms to start forming those fruits and vegetables!  They are also great about helping keep things watered.

I had planned on making fun garden markers to tell what was planted where out of juice can lids.  However, that just didn’t happen.  There are all sorts of fun garden idea’s out in the blogosphere.  Some year I also want to try out a Bean Teepee!  Do any of you have any fun garden idea’s?

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