Fabulous Friday!


Summer is here and along with it the return of Fabulous Friday’s!  I started this tradition about a year or so ago to break up our weeks, have a bit of fun and memory making with the munchkins.

Every Friday we do something “fabulous!”  Go somewhere special, bake something, a special activity whatever floats our boats at the time.  During the regular year we still occasionally throw a Fabulous Friday in but not as often.  During the summer I try to make it a weekly occurrence.

Last Friday was the official kick off.  My goal this year is to have a book or two that will connect with the activity.  We will see how well that goes 🙂

Here are the books for last week’s Fabulous Friday:

If you give a mouse a cookie by Laura Numeroff  ( a household favorite)

No cookies? by Sarah Albee  (Fun random find at the Library)


The Doorbell Rang  by Pat Hutchings  (Terrific Math connection)

Honey Cookies by Meredith Hooper  –  Another random find but I loved this book!  It walks through all the places and things you need to make cookies.  For example a cow eating fresh green grass to get your butter for your cookies.  Purplicious was making connections right and left to the book and our cookie recipe.  This book also includes a recipe for Honey Cookies.  I think we will be trying that out too!

Obviously our connection with these books was to make up a batch of Chocolate Chip cookies.  We used our new favorite “pretty cookie” recipe.  An easy fun start to Fabulous Friday’s!

Hope you all find something Fabulous to do today too!

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