Flashback Friday

We are heading back to 2008.  My Sister- in- Law was returning from an LDS mission in North Carolina.  I had remembered her mentioning on more than one occasion the wonderful lighthouses in the area.  So I patterned this cake after one of those lighthouses for the family welcome home party.

If I remember right the lighthouse was made out of a regular drinking glass flipped upside down.  Then a narrow mouth canning ring with a baby food jar on top that I painted the lid black on.  The daisy’s are made from fondant and the other side features regular candy rocks you can pick up at the grocery store.

Check back next week as we pick up again with our Summer of Fabulous Friday’s!

Curious about what an LDS missionary teaches about?  Go here to see a short video clip.

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One Response to Flashback Friday

  1. Soozee Carmichael says:

    Pretty sure I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cake..it was such a surprise and it looks JUST like Cape Lookout. You are amazing and so is this cake! AND, it tasted delicious!!!

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