“Farmly” home evening

Another project actually finished!  WAHOO!  This one has been almost a year in the making on my part.  A long time ago we were somewhere with my family and I mentioned how cute this “Farm”ly home evening board was.  Well my Fabulous Father got the pattern and cut it out for my siblings and I.  Nice huh! 

About a year ago he delivered said boards and paints and told me good luck.  My sister and I got together and began to learn the art of being master painters.  It was touch and go for quite some time.  Highlighting and shading are still somewhat of a mystery to me.  All in all though I think we did a great job.

Once the boards and animals were completed I took them back to the master craftsman.  He put a varnish over everything to help it last and give it shine.  He also cut out some name tags for us since most of us are undecided on the size our families will become.  We thought this would work better than actually painting the names on the chart.

My final step that took way longer than it should was to paint the name tags, add the velcro and put it all into place.

Long story short it is DONE!  Wahoo!  The Munchkins are delighted to have a new Family Home Evening board up and running.  Perhaps now this means we will be a little more put together and thought out on Monday nights.  Time will tell.

For my sister’s info this is what I did with my extra pieces not pretty but it is functional

Not sure what Family Home Evening is?  Click here to find out!

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