Mother’s Day Gift Idea

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  How lucky we all are to have such wonderful Mother’s in our lives.

My crew worked hard to make the day extra special.  Lots of yummy planned out meals, art work galore and everyone wanted to be by mom.  When our special day plate came out Woody was sure to point out  “I am Special TOO!  I’m specialer than you MOM!”  He wasn’t too sure about Mom getting all the attention.

For the Grandma’s this year I did another rendition of our handprint flour sack towel.  This year we added a bit of stitching and Purplicous even got in on the action and hand stitched the heart on the sign herself!

Pretty simple to make.  Just choose your layout, cut out pieces and hand stitch the design then appliqué them onto the towel.  I also have the munchkins add their signatures using fabric crayons.  This helps them to feel a part of the gift.

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