Easter Bonnet Flashback

Here is a fun kitchen craft from a few years ago.  The idea came from Studio 5 back in the days when I had time to watch morning talk shows! 🙂   To make them you need round sugar cookies, cupcakes, store bought frosting and whatever embellishments you want.  I happened to have lots of royal frosting flowers left over from a cake class I had taken.

To assemble:

Place a dab of frosting on your cupcake and adhere it to the cookie.  Microwave your frosting 30 seconds at a time until liquidy.  Next pour over cupcake and cookie.  It should flow over and as it cools it hardens and starts to shine. I don’t remember this taking too long.  Then use whatever embellishments you have to decorate with frosting!

Purplicious thought these were the COOLEST thing to make we had a great time!  I should also warn you if you choose to eat after assembling be prepared for a major sugar high!

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