Egg-stra! Egg-stra!

A few last-minute Easter Egg games to keep us busy this week!

1.)  Rotten Egg matching.  I found this one a couple of years ago on the website Kidssoup (sadly this particular game isn’t a freebie but the site is terrific!)  The goal of the game is to get all the matches to your card before everyone else.  You can draw one egg out at a time.  The catch is that if you draw the Rotten Egg then you have to put all your eggs back.  The munchkins LOVE this game!

2.) New this year are Rotten Egg addition and subtraction.  Played like above only you have to do addition and subtraction problems.

3.) Easter egg match up.  I can’t take credit for this however I also don’t remember where I saw it.  Here is the run down:  Miss match Easter Eggs.  Then I created a template in PSE of an egg and colored my eggs to match.  The game is to match the egg to the card the middle munchkin LOVED this game!  Purplicious loved helping me set it up for him, miss matching the eggs making sure we had no duplicates and then coloring in the cards to match.  As usual if there is anyone who wants the egg template let me know.  Happy to share!


4.) Easter Egg idea # 4 I don’t actually have pulled together yet but I want to 🙂  (Again I don’t remember where I read it)  It is an Easter Egg sound match.  You place different items like a bell, beans, rice etc in different eggs and they have to shake them and match up the sounds.  I am thinking about doing it with our miss matched eggs then they can be 2 games in one.  We will see though time is dwindling quickly!

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