Dollar Store Delights Part 1

So the middle munchkin around here has been begging for homework lately.  He wants to be cool like his sister!  While at the dollar store the other day I came across several great workbooks. 

I also found a few that I think will be great maintenance for Purplicious this summer.  I decided that since they were tasks that we would be practicing over and over I would take the books apart and place them in plastic sleeves.   I got some China Markers, also known as wax pencils, from an office supply store (dry erase markers work too).  Now we have reusable homework pages.  Fantastic since my munchkins can blow through these quick!

This summer I plan to use these pages along with some fun dot to dots, mazes and eye-spy games as we travel in the car to keep the kids busy!  (Like some of these found here)

So, for a few dollars I was able to pick up some fun books, the sheet protectors I already had and the wax pencils were the expensive part since I had to get them in a pack of 12.   (glad the munchkins took to this idea!)

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