I’m sure your all anxiously waiting for that roll recipe!  I promise it will be up tomorrow morning!  I have been swamped trying to get some last-minute orders into my favorite CHEAP copy place before they close their doors forever.  SO SAD

I have spent all my free time gathering family recipes to create a family cookbook for a few family members.

In the meantime I have a fabulous link for you if you are prepping for General Conference coming up this weekend for our church.  It has a bunch of different packets for kids to do during Conference depending on their ages.  For us we loved packet # 1 and packet #2, plus page 11 in packet #8.

So far on deck for Conference we have :  Bingo, packets and a tally sheet.

Here’s to hoping that we can all listen to a little bit this time around!

They also had links for 2 other idea’s I liked but probably won’t pull together in time this year.  You can find them here and here!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!

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