Rise and Shout!

I know I am way behind getting the roll recipe out but it will have to wait.  Sick munchkins who need to be held all day take priority.  Now we are on the mend but it is March Madness and our team has made it to the Sweet 16.  So to celebrate the munchkins and I made some yummy treats to eat while we watch the big game tonight.

I am sure you have seen the marshmallow pops all over but in case not here is a quick run down.  (I’ll concede they aren’t quite the Navy blue of the BYU Cougars but it is as close as we could come with the supplies on hand!)


  • sucker sticks
  • sprinkles
  • big marshmallows
  • melting chocolates (or chocolate chips
  1. Either use a double boiler or a a makeshift one like we did with an electric skillet filled with water and a glass bowl or mug.
  2. Heat up water and add chocolates to the bowl or mug. (melting chocolate works best but chocolate chips can be used as well.  If too thick add a little shortening to thin out)
  3. Melt chocolate
  4. Place marshmallow on stick
  5. Dip in chocolate
  6. Let excess drip off, tap sofltly or spin down in the bowl
  7. Dip into sprinkles
  8. Set on parchment or wax paper until dry

Just that easy and you are done!  The munchkins LOVED helping with this one.  I loved how quick and easy and hands on it was.

The second treat we made was what we call SNOW.  My SIL introduced us to this at Christmas time. 


  • Bag of microwave popcorn (we like Jolly Time Healthy Pop Butter you need the salty to enhance the sweet!)
  • 1/3 – 1/2 Bag of Guittard Real Vanilla Milk Chips
  • Blue Food coloring
  1. Pop popcorn and shake out kernels.  We had a lot of kernels so I tried placing them back in a regular sack lunch paper bag in the microwave for a few minutes and it popped the rest terrific!
  2. Place chocolate chips in bowl and microwave until melted.  GO SLOW and watch carefully.  For us we do 30 seconds stir, 30 seconds stir and then about 15 seconds more. 
  3. Add your blue food coloring.  Lots but eventually it doesn’t appear to get any darker no matter how much you add.
  4. Microwave again for about 15 sec. to make sure it is liquidy.
  5. Pour over your popcorn and stir until coated to your liking.

Snow obviously looks most appealing white 🙂  But we needed blue today to cheer our Cougars!

It is also terrific with M&M’s (plain, peanut, pretzel), crushed candy canes etc.  Since one of the munchkins can’t eat anything on that list though we left them out.

Our treats are ready, our shirts are on and we are ready to cheer the BYU Cougars to Victory!  Care to join us?

RAH!     RAH!       RAH!  RAH!  RAH!     GOOOOOOOOOOOOO    COUGARS!!!!!!!!

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