Happy Pi day!

The blogosphere inspired me.  It started with this idea here .   If I had been more on the ball we would have had something like chicken pot pie or shepherds pie ( I suppose I could handle this once a year and the man of the house would be delighted) 🙂   instead we settled on corn chowder (had stuff to use up) but we DID make our cornbread into a circle pie shape!

Then the middle-man and I made pie’s.  We learned a lot this time around!  I just pulled out our apple pie crust recipe that I have made a grand total of one other time.  Next go round we will roll it out thinner and cut our circles little larger to try to fill the pie tins.  The middle-man was superb at poking our dough, brushing it with milk and sprinkling with sugar! (yes the pouty lip is needed for concentration!)

After the pie crusts cooled we mixed up the pudding.  I was out voted and chocolate was the flavor of choice!  After the pies were filled and set we added our pi flourish we made with our leftover dough.  Half had plain sugar on top and the other half had a cinnamon and sugar mix.  The plain sugar ones were definitely the prettier of the two!

We had Grandma and Grandpa P over to enjoy our pie with us.  Perhaps this will be the start of an annual Pi day!

Do you think it was a success?

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