My big break!

Last night I was going with a “normal” meal.  Nothing new simply trying to use up ingredients in the freezer.  Simple enough chicken parmigiana.  I put the chicken in the pans started it cooking.  Then half way through went to add the marinara sauce just like normal.  ( I add it later so the chicken isn’t too soggy!)  As I am about to pour the sauce in my mind pops up an odd article I recently read about how they don’t make Pyrex dishes like they used to and many are shattering now and seriously injuring people.   I take a small step back and sort of squint to protect my eyes just in case, you know!

No sooner do I start to pour the sauce onto the chicken then a loud POP is heard!  I am staring in shock at my 9X13 glass pan shattered all over my stove top, floor and counters.  Marinara Sauce splattered everywhere!


Thankfully my husband had been working from home that day so he was able to come over and help!  I cautiously backed away in my stocking feet so THANKFUL that no little munchkins had been close by helping cook today! (and that it was not nearly as bad as some in the article!)

The 2nd small miracle I was baking up 2 pans of chicken one for dinner and one for leftovers for the husband to take to work.  So we still managed to have dinner (slightly over cooked and about 40 min. later than planned!)


Moral of the story:  The article was true be cautious of your new glassware in order to be cheaper and more eco-friendly it is not as stable as it once was!  (The article even went so far as to say we should all be using fabric trivets to place dishes on people have had them break setting them on wooden trivets!

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