Conference Prep

We have started a tradition of learning the names of the twelve apostles and first Presidency.  I got this idea from my Brother and his family.  I expanded it a little (I think) I have printed out 2  little pictures that go with each apostle that have something to do with them either their occupation, likes, talents etc.  I got the info from my Brother and from a file I found on the apostles plus a little searching on the internet.

This time around we started last week and we have 3 new apostles to learn each week during Family Home Evening.  Everyone takes a turn teaching the rest about the different apostles.  Then during the week we quiz the kids to see if they can match up the names with the faces.  I also have created a Memory game to go along with it that we play.  This year we started from the newest and are working backwards since we sort of petered out near the end last time!  I have really enjoyed doing this because

 A) I think it is pretty sweet when my 2 year old at the time could rattle off the names of the apostles better than I could! 

B) As we read the Friend Magazine the kids have a great time telling me who the little pictures is of at the end of each story.

C.)  Last but not least  it also makes listening to Conference more enjoyable for them.  They get pretty excited when an apostle they can name comes up.  They are then willing to listen a little more intently at least for a few minutes!

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2 Responses to Conference Prep

  1. Kelly says:

    This is such a great idea! I can’t wait to get our pictures and start teaching the kids.

    • jpetersenfam says:

      Thanks Kelly! So far the kids have still loved doing this. They also REALLY enjoy teaching the family about their apostle too!

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