We’re so Lucky

Tonight you get an FHE post.  Somewhere I saw a great idea to remember your blessings in the month of March and tonight I used it for Family Home Evening.  From now until St. Patrick’s Day we are going to come up with reasons why we are lucky and put a Shamrock up on the pantry door.   I kicked things off by just taking a glittery Shamrock we had sitting around and cutting out vinyl letter’s to say “We’re So LUCKY!”  Then I came up with 3 blessings I am grateful for that make me Lucky right now.  They were Family, Food and Scriptures.  Next we had the kids come up with things they are grateful for and they either wrote or drew about them on a Shamrock shape they had helped me cut out earlier in the day.  Each day from now until St. Patrick’s Day everyone in the family has to come up with something new that makes them LUCKY!  (NO repeats either!)  Hopefully by the end of the next twoish weeks we will be a little bit more aware of all our blessings!

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