Care to Join Me?

Wednesday March 2 is Dr. Seuss’s birthday and read across America day.   A great day for a party no?

I am thinking about making these cupcakes (the design not the acutally recipe)

Perhaps serving up some Yink ink Pink drink this recipe here sounds interesting but I am still deciding.  (We may settle for the tried and true Love Potion #9)

Rounding it out with none other than Green Eggs and ham I’m thinking about trying these from one of my new favorite food blog sites!  We will be dying them green of course!

I’m thinking about putting together a Dr. Seuss matching memory game and then printing out a few mazes and coloring pages from either PBS or Seussville’s websites.  We can read some books and have a little party!

So care to join?  Oh the fun we will have!

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One Response to Care to Join Me?

  1. Jim Petersen says:

    I’m excited to join you!!!

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