A “Cameo” appearance

So my Sister in law’s Birthday was coming up and I general help with the cake.  About a month before her birthday I asked her what theme she was going for this year?  A few days later I got a call.

Let’s go with Jane Austen.

Uhhh OK I said somewhat hesitantly.  Not sure where I was going to go with that.

After a bit of research I came up with the idea that we could do her head as a Cameo.  Right era in time yes?

So we made a silhouette of her head, pulled out the color flow and went to town.  I remembered from class we needed to make extra’s for breakage.  I did forget how much EXTRA color flow we would have so I free handed a bunch of hearts I am sure will come in handy at some point.

The day for the cake came.  We did a 4 layer white cake with chocolate pudding mix between 2 layers and vanilla in the middle.  It was a VERY tall cake.   For the edges we piped out designs in white chocolate and used a heart candy mold.  I used the recipe in this post for the fillings.  However if I did it again I would leave the cool whip out or use a bit less.

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