My SIL taught me a new fabulous recipe for chocolate tarts!  It is Quick, easy and very kid friendly.  I am not sure where she got it from or I would post that.  (Please excuse the crummy photo it’s all I have currently I will make a note to fix it the next time I make these!)



1 box milk chocolate cake mix

1 cube butter

1 egg

Stir until mixed well.  Then divide into 36 parts.  Place in a greased tart pan and pat down.  Bake at 350 f0r 10 min.   Let cool for 1-2 min before using a tart press to form tart shape.   Let sit for awhile before removing from pan.

Tip:  Using flexible tart pans makes a huge difference.  Do-able in metal tart pans but more tempermental I also found dividing into about 42 tarts worked better.



1 cup Heavy Cream

1 box instant chocolate pudding

1 8 oz. Container of Cool Whip

Mix Heavy Cream and pudding well.  Then fold in Cool Whip.  Pipe into tart shells.

*Extra notes:  So far I have experimented using a vanilla cake mix and it was a no go TOO sweet.  vanilla pudding was great though!  We also have really enjoyed using a lemon cake mix with lemon pudding as the filling.
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2 Responses to Tarts!

  1. Soozee Carmichael says:

    I just tried these with a cheesecake pudding, and they were absolutely HEAVENLY!!! Though I am still partial to the chocolate with chocolate ones….such a great recipe!

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